The beginning of a long journey

This blog site will be used to track and comment on the Local Plan process for Guildford.  It is not intended to be comprehensive but simply aims to provide an opportunity for people of Guildford to access key documents and monitor progress.

The site is NOT a substitute for visiting the Guildford Borough Council website (

Author: GuildfordPlan

GuildfordPlan is a 'whiteboard' set up by Julian Lyon to think out loud as part of the process of preparing the Guildford Society representations to the various Local Plan Consultations

2 thoughts on “The beginning of a long journey”

  1. Very good to have this information. Can you please explain how you are associated with the Guildford Borough. ie are you an independent group?
    Bridget Clements 92 Addison

    1. Thanks Bridget, a good question.

      I have no involvement with Guildford Borough Council but I will be helping Guildford Society to frame it’s responses to the consultations and this site is very much my whiteboard – in other words where I am thinking out loud.

      The comments and thoughts are my own and may not make it into any representation – but I hope others will find them helpful or thought provoking. We need a wide discussion within the Borough because there are some very serious issues to consider and decisions to be made over the coming months and years.

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