Traveller Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Methodology

The Local Plan Evidence Base includes a substantial number of documents.  In Guildford, the Council is bringing forward many if not all of these emerging documents during the course of the summer 2013 ahead of launching the Issues and Options Consultation.

The Traveller Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Methodology is one such document for which consultation is due to close on 26th July.  The consultation document can be found on the GBC microsite here.

Broadly, the document provides no suggestions as to specific sites and seems to follow national guidelines.

The only significant omission is in Table 3 at 13.2, where the analysis should also include a ranking of suitability and take account of alternative uses for the land – where a site could be developed to a higher density to meet local housing need and/or higher buildings could be accommodated, these should be noted and should affect the suitability ranking.

Guildford Borough has scarce land resources and substantial competing demands.  It is a vital part of the plan process to ensure the most efficient use of scarce resources – but this must not be at the expense of minority groups for whom alternatives will need to be found.

NOTE: the two paragraphs of text in bold were submitted using an on-line form on Guildford Borough Council’s website on 26th July 2013 on behalf of The Guildford Society.

Author: GuildfordPlan

GuildfordPlan is a 'whiteboard' set up by Julian Lyon to think out loud as part of the process of preparing the Guildford Society representations to the various Local Plan Consultations

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