7 thoughts on “Draft Slides for Monday”

  1. 48 – the connerction between buses and trains must be re-inforced with bus resting place at the station – all buses from all communities must WAIT at the station to encourage return journesy from Station to suburbds hammlets around Guildford

  2. Villaige hamlet Urbban area should ALL received a ratio balanced amount of new housing such that no one community can claim ‘exemption from growth and no one community can say why should we have it all if a hamlet has 2% of the housing stock of Guildford they should have 2% of the growth – this will ensure viable communites with new and old housing stock and harmonised communities.

  3. Dear Julian,

    Splendid work. My ony comment at this late stage is that a two hour meeting can only discuss a fraction of the 41 questions. Which ones?

    In Guildfordplan I tried for 10 minutes to find out how to make a comment – without success. I think I am a ‘follower’ but even that was not clear. Perhaps I am stupid or maybe that is why there are so few responses.

    Best regards



  4. Land at Gosden Hill Farm should be reserved as a construction depot for any works planned for the North section of the A3 [Send West Clandon Merrow and Burpham] before any other changes are made…

  5. Q36 – while in the Burpham survey there was no demand for Allotments – Burpham Court farm has suitable land for allotments with easy access and away from houses.

  6. Burpham Court ‘Farm use should be planned as part of any Slyfield development for which it could serve as useful public open space or allotments.

    Tyting Farm could also serve as development land with some houses (built in the fifties?) surely possible as for residential use now.

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