Supplementary Green Belt Study

Guildford Borough Council has today (30th April 2014) published an addendum to Volume 2 and a new Volume 5.

Together these documents add a further 485 pages to the Evidence Base.

Clearly this will take some time to digest and so I have provided them below – in two large files incorporating all of the appendices.

20140430_GreenBelt-Vol2_Addendum (176Mb) and 20140430_GreenBelt-Vol5 (316Mb).

Unfortunately, the plans in the appendices have not been optimised for web viewing which is why the files are so large.

If you would prefer to download them in smaller doses, the Guildford Borough Council link is:

As we will soon be expecting the Draft Local Plan to be issued for consultation, the opportunity may be short to study these documents in great detail.  If it can be done it will be done, and you will be able to read any comments on this site in due course.