Draft Response to Local Plan Consultation

At the Guildford Society’s sixth talk on the Local Plan, the Guildford Society discussed its draft representations for the Local Plan.

These are set out below:

Main Document (including Appendices 1-3)

20140915_GSOC_Response_to_ConsultationDraftLocalPlan_DRAFT4a (ca 2.3Mb)

  • Answers to Questionnaire in the format provided by Guildford Borough Council (contained in the body of this response)
  • Policy-by-Policy comments on the Consultation Draft Local Plan (‘the Draft Plan’) (contained in the body of this response)
  • Schedule of specific responses to a selection of the site-specific policies (contained in Annex 1 of this response)
  • The Guildford Society LSOA Land Uses and Statistics Report (Contained in Annex 6 of this response)
  • Paper on the discrepancies between the SHLAA and the Draft Plan (contained in Appendix 1 of this response)
  • Copy of Guildford Vision Group response to the Sustainability Appraisal (22nd January 2013) (contained in Annex 2 of this response)
  • Copy of Response to Issues and Options Consultation (29th November 2013) (contained in Annex 3 of this response)
  • Copy of Response to the Draft SHMA (20th February 2014) and Population Analysis since which time no meaningful amended SHMA has been forthcoming (‘the Draft SHMA’) (contained in Annexes 4 and 5 of this response)
  • A suite of Position Papers prepared (and as yet unpublished) by the Design & Heritage Group of the Guildford Society (contained in Appendix 2 of this response)
  • A summary of the background and constitution of the Guildford Society (to be contained in Appendix 3 of this response)

Annex 1: 20140912_Site-by-Site_Response_DFT4 (ca 4Mb)

Annex 2: 20130122_ScopingDocument-Response_GVG

Annex 3: 20131129_GSoc_LOCALPLAN_CoverLetter

20131128_GSoc_LOCALPLAN_Submission (ca 23Mb)

Annexes 4 & 5: 20140220_LTR_CarolHumphrey-SHMA



Annex 6:  20140904_LandUses-MSOA-LSOA_FINAL (ca 21Mb)

This set of documents will be finalised following feedback from the Guildford Society Meeting and a copy of the submission will be posted in a new post on this site and on the Guildford Society website.



Author: GuildfordPlan

GuildfordPlan is a 'whiteboard' set up by Julian Lyon to think out loud as part of the process of preparing the Guildford Society representations to the various Local Plan Consultations

One thought on “Draft Response to Local Plan Consultation”

  1. Placing a four way junction at clay lane is in total contravention of the burpham neighbourhood further will power lines and the school extremely close to this line traffic noise would be horrendious
    plan also suggesting c1 but not c2 will directly impact on the local green space designation of this area it is not appreciate comments referring to Burpham! Without reference to the neighbourhood plan thus we formerly request the Guildford society remove thee comments from the submission
    Further if c1 is developed without c2 roads in burpham will become Castro strophic ally clogged therefore recommending such action is unacceptable
    Further no proof has been provided lfor a slyfield link roads across zone 3b. Flood plain nor any provision for correction of the Moore field A320 junction…noting the current route proposed to the A3 will be longer than the existing route. Thus fails sa and sea tests
    In short please refer to the Burpham Neighbourhood plan before making your submission to the local plan.

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