Here are some draft slides showing something of the nature of Guildford’s constraints:




Is it any wonder there has had to be some thought about incursions into the Green Belt (whatever the political ramifications may be).

Here are some supporting statistics:


Does anyone have any ideas where even 345 homes per year would go in the long-term?

This is not for the faint-hearted, so pity the poor Councillors when they arrive at Millmead after May 7th!

Author: GuildfordPlan

GuildfordPlan is a 'whiteboard' set up by Julian Lyon to think out loud as part of the process of preparing the Guildford Society representations to the various Local Plan Consultations

3 thoughts on “Constraints”

  1. What about building on Burpham Court Farmland and adjoining green space. Its liable to flooding but this could be dealt with?

  2. I disagree with the 16 April comment. Guildford is not an island. Other parts of the country are far less constrained. So there need be no thought about incursions into the Guildford green belt (whatever the political ramifications may be).

    Under the law and national policy, constraints trump housing need. There is no need to find room for 345 homes a year as stated. And if you don’t want faint-hearted Councillors at Millmead, vote for your Guildford Greenbelt Group candidates.

  3. I really can’t see how this number is going to be achieved. And since the predictions from 2012 are higher than expected, just lower that number.

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