Guildford Local Elections

On May 7th Guildford will decide who will take the Borough forward for the next four years.

It seems appropriate to consider some of the data behind running the Council (here taken from

Guildford has around 54,000 households (national average for a local authority is 66,597), of which 0.6 per thousand (0.49) are treated as homeless and 0.26 per thousand (1.72) are in temporary accommodation. In 2010/11 we added just 180 new homes (380) and just 90 affordable homes (188).

Guildford’s total service expenditure in 2011/12 was £400 per household (£393) of which £49 was spent on housing (£51), £119 was spent on cultural services (£79), £147 on environmental and regulatory services (£124), £21 on planning and development (£45), £96 on central services (£100) and -£86 on highways and transport (-£10). Perhaps the low expenditure on planning and transport & highways indicates some of the issues this site has been wrestling with!

There is more detail elsewhere on this website about deprivation indices but for the Borough as a whole, Guildford is the 27th least deprived Borough of 326 in the country (least deprived 8%)and 18th in terms of income. The two areas we perform much less well are Barriers to Housing and Services where we are 148th, and Living Environment where we are 155th. Two particular notes on these scores: (1) the Borough-wide scores should not allow us to gloss over specific pockets of relative deprivation in some categories – including some where we are in the most deprived 2% in the country; and (2) the Living Environment scores are made up from two sub-domains: (a) The ‘indoors’ living environment which includes Housing in poor condition: The proportion of social and private homes that fail to meet the decent homes standard; and Houses without central heating: The proportion of houses that do not have central heating; and (b) The ‘outdoors’ living environment which comprises Air quality and Road traffic accidents. The low outdoor environment scores outweigh the much better scores in the countryside.

The definitions can be found here
or downloaded from this site: DCLG_DefinitionsofDeprivationScores_1870718

The Guildford Society response to the Consultation Draft Local Plan provided analysis of the relative deprivation of our Lower Super Output Areas which can be seen on this site, and which gives a picture of some of the issues that will need to be addressed by the new Council and in a the Local Plan.

Good Luck to all new Councillors on May 8th!