Comparison of 2014 and 2016 draft Local Plan documents

Following publication of the preliminary version of the 2016 Regulation 19 Consultation Draft Local Plan (‘R19 Draft‘), it seems appropriate to compare it to the Regulation 18 Consultation Draft (‘R18 Draft‘) and the Guildford Society response to the R18 Draft.

I have, therefore, set the policies side by side along with the GSoc comments in the file below:

20160416_R18-2014_to_R19-2016_Comparison_Policies (more than 200 pages)  This does not include a comparison of the site-specific policies or the proposed site allocations.

I have analysed the Guildford Town Centre and Guildford Urban Area sites as a comparison between 2014 and 2016 and GSoc’s 2014 comments:


I will in due course add the remaining sites from the 2016 draft plan in a similar format.

Jennie Kyte has prepared a very helpful summary (below) which I have just reformatted a little but have made no changes to:


Taken together these documents should help with navigation and orientation of the new draft plan.