Final Draft for Council Approval

On 24th May the Full Council will consider the Draft Local Plan and determine whether it is ready to go out for Regulation 19 Consultation.

Here are the papers for that meeting:

Proposed Submission Local Plan

1. Final document including sites – Compressed

2. Appendix A – Glossary

3. Appendix B – TC shopping frontages 2016

4. Appendix C – Infrastructure Schedule April 2016

5. Appendix D – Evidence Base

6. Appendix E – Superseded Policies

7. Appendix F – Overview of borough map

8. Appendix G – Policy and Monitoring

9. Appendix H – Maps – Compressed

Supporting draft environmental screening:

draft Guildford BC Local Plan – SA Report 160513

Draft Guildford LP HRA April 2016 for issue

Supporting draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan:

draft IDP May 2016 for FC LAA 2016

Summary of 2014 Consultation responses:

Statement of Representations Procedure

1 Consultation Statement introduction and appendices 1- 4a

2 Appendix 4b Responses to policies 1 – 19

3 Appendix 4c Comments on Site Allocations Appendices question responses

Here are the main changes from the original travelling draft (presented to the Executive Advisory Committee) to the present version:

Item 03 1 – Table of main changes between EAB and Executive

Main changes between Exec and Full Council