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Following publication of the preliminary version of the 2016 Regulation 19 Consultation Draft Local Plan (‘R19 Draft‘), it seems appropriate to compare it to the Regulation 18 Consultation Draft (‘R18 Draft‘) and the Guildford Society response to the R18 Draft. I have, therefore, set the policies side by side along with the GSoc comments in […]

Guildford has published its draft Regulation 19 Consultation Draft Local Plan (two drafts because it is not yet approved for consultation and not yet adopted) and the first stage will be when it is presented to a Council Committee on 13th April. As before, I have created links here to a point-in-time version with the […]

The draft Guildford Town Centre Master Plan documents have been published today – all 200Mb+ of them! Without any commentary from us at this stage, and because the GBC website seems to be unable to cope with the file sizes, they can be downloaded from this site (below): Draft Town Centre Master Plan Item 04 […]

On 18th December the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) for the West Surrey Housing Market Area (HMA) was published. Summary Report: 20141218_West_Surrey_SHMA_Summary-FINAL Full Report: 20141218_DraftSHMA_HMA IT IS WORTH REMEMBERING THAT THIS IS A CONSULTANT’S OPINION and whilst this will be adopted by the three local authorities (Guildford, Waverley and Woking) it is merely GL Hearn’s […]

The Council has published the first look at the types of comments received in response to the Draft Local Plan. The sheer volume of responses means that it will take some time to assimilate them all, but the initial summary is available via the link below: 20141024_Initial_feedback_on_the_draft_Local_Plan_consultation The Local Plan timetable has been reviewed and […]

Guildford Borough Council has launched its five-year housing strategy consultation (ends 16th December 2014) A link to the consultation page is here and the documents are attached below: Draft_Local_Plan_consultation_questionnaire_and_monitoring_form Hsg_Strat_2015-20_DRAFT_Appendix_1_-_General_statistics_Nov14 Hsg_Strat_2015-20_DRAFT_Appendix_2_-_Updated_guidance_on_rents_and_affordability_Nov14 Hsg_Strat_2015-20_DRAFT_Appendix_3_-_Affordable_housing_stock_in_the_borough_Nov14 Hsg_Strat_2015-20_DRAFT_Appendix_4_-_Rural_housing_needs_surveys_Nov14 Other documents referred to are: Housing_Needs_Assessment_Report Housing_Strategy_Interim_Statement Homelessness_Strategy_2013_-_2018 There is perhaps some irony that the Lead Member for housing, Cllr Sarah Creedy, […]

Set out below is the Guildford Society Local Plan Submission made on 19th September 2014. The full (rather large) submission includes the previous representations made to the earlier consultations: 20140915_GSOC_LPResponse_FINAL-fullĀ (ca 55Mb) This is made up of: Cover Letter 20140917_LTR_BarryFagg-LPresponse Submission 20140915_GSOC_Response_to_ConsultationDraftLocalPlan_FINAL Site by Site Analysis 20140917_Site-by-Site_Response_FINAL Sustainability Appraisal Responses (Jan 2013) 20130122_ScopingDocument-Response_GVG Issues and Options […]