The Guildford Society Submission

Here is a sneak preview of the final version of the Guildford Society submission to Guildford Borough Council on the Local Plan Issues and Options Consultation:


(circa 20Mb)

or in lower resolution:


(circa 7Mb)

Also here is a summary document which should be read in conjunction with the main submission document:


…and now time for a lie down!

New Draft Submission

I have updated the submission from Draft 4 based on comments received and am sharing this here in two versions:

20131121_Questionnaire_JL_Dft5-Public_Clean-Watermark (without mark-ups) – this file is around 19MB and includes most of the Appendices where available.

20131121_Questionnaire_JL_Dft5-Public_Redline (showing the changes from Draft 4) – this file is around 10MB including most appendices where available.

SUBMISSION OF THE FINAL VERSION WILL NEED TO BE NEXT FRIDAY SO I WOULD WELCOME FEEDBACK BY CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON WEDNESDAY. Please reference your feedback to the paragraph number in these versions OR at least to the Question to which your comments relate.

Issues & Options Consultation Goes Live

Guildford Borough Council has launched its Issues and Options Consultation:

The document which can be found on that site is also available here –  20131001_Issues-Options.

There is an on-line option for consultation responses for which you will need to register.



Draft Issues and Options Consultation Documents

Guildford Borough Council has prepared the following documents for approval by the Executive Committee at its meeting on 5th September:

Executive Committee Report:  20130905_Issues-Options_ExecCttee

This report includes reference to background papers as follows:



The Strategic Housing Market Assessment has not yet been made available but is a crucial document for determining demand.

The other document not in the Evidence Base is the Thames Basin Special Protection Area Avoidance Strategy (which expires in 2014)  provided here for ease of reference:
GBC-ThamesBasinSPA-AvoidanceStrategy and the GBC-ThamesBasinSPA-AvoidanceStrategy_Document

Index Page of Draft Consultation Document:  20130905_Issues-Options_ExecCttee_Index

Draft Consultation Document:  20130905_Issues-Options_ExecCttee_Consultation  (4Mb)

Draft Inventory of Sites for Consultation:  20130905_Issues-Options_ExecCttee_Consultation-SITES (28Mb)

Draft Consultation Questionnaire:  20130905_Issues-Options_ExecCttee_Consultation-Questionnaire

These documents (unless rejected by the Executive) will form the basis of the ISSUES & OPTIONS Consultation in October 2013.