How Many New Homes?

Conspicuous by its absence on the Guildford Local Plan Microsite but, nevertheless, a key component of the Local Plan consultation is the Council’s document “How Many New Homes?”

A commentary on this document will follow on this site in due course but in the meantime, a copy of the document as it stands at 30th September 2013 is attached here – 20130930_HowManyNewHomes

The first glance at this will lead to some sharp intakes of breath – housing numbers are anything from  3,620 to 23,446 homes over the Plan period (181 to 1,066 per year).  This paper will need very careful analysis because the implications are likely to be monumental for Guildford.

The Guildford Urban Area is likely to have to take the majority of the residential development.  It has a population of circa 77,000 and at 2.43 people per dwelling (GBC average) this suggests there are around 31,700 households in the urban area.  Now look again at the suggested high end number and consider the impact on the town and its surroundings.

These documents really needed to come with a major health warning if we are to have a serious principled debate and to avoid a local revolt against the Local Plan process and those steering it.

More to follow!

Issues & Options Consultation Goes Live

Guildford Borough Council has launched its Issues and Options Consultation:

The document which can be found on that site is also available here –  20131001_Issues-Options.

There is an on-line option for consultation responses for which you will need to register.



Draft Issues and Options Consultation Documents

Guildford Borough Council has prepared the following documents for approval by the Executive Committee at its meeting on 5th September:

Executive Committee Report:  20130905_Issues-Options_ExecCttee

This report includes reference to background papers as follows:



The Strategic Housing Market Assessment has not yet been made available but is a crucial document for determining demand.

The other document not in the Evidence Base is the Thames Basin Special Protection Area Avoidance Strategy (which expires in 2014)  provided here for ease of reference:
GBC-ThamesBasinSPA-AvoidanceStrategy and the GBC-ThamesBasinSPA-AvoidanceStrategy_Document

Index Page of Draft Consultation Document:  20130905_Issues-Options_ExecCttee_Index

Draft Consultation Document:  20130905_Issues-Options_ExecCttee_Consultation  (4Mb)

Draft Inventory of Sites for Consultation:  20130905_Issues-Options_ExecCttee_Consultation-SITES (28Mb)

Draft Consultation Questionnaire:  20130905_Issues-Options_ExecCttee_Consultation-Questionnaire

These documents (unless rejected by the Executive) will form the basis of the ISSUES & OPTIONS Consultation in October 2013.

Employment Land Assessment

On 7th August the Employment Land Assessment was published on the Guildford Borough Council Evidence Base.

This document represents the penultimate piece of work to allocate or identify potential sites for development.

See previous comments on the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment here.

A commentary on the Employment Land Assessment will follow in the next several days.

Green Belt and Housing Land Allocation

On 30th July the Council published the next suite of documents in its Evidence Base ahead of the Issues and Options Consultation in the Autumn.

Green Belt and Countryside

The first set of documents relate to the Green Belt and Countryside (GBC’s microsite is here).

The study currently consists of:

  • Summary document – overview of the study
  • Volume I – summary, introduction and background to the study
  • Volume II – Green Belt and ‘Countryside beyond the Green Belt’ within the surroundings of the urban areas at Guildford, Ash and Tongham
  • Volume III – Green Belt surrounding villages across the borough
  • Volume IV – insetting of villages from the Green Belt.

At publication, the documents under this section are:

Summary document

Volume I plus Appendix I and II

Volume II plus Appendix IV

Volume II Appendix III

Volume III plus Appendix V, VII

Volume III Appendix VI

Volume IV plus Appendix VIII


To help you to easily find summary information, there are two separate maps which show:

Strategic Housing Land Allocation

The second and VITAL document released on 31st July was the Strategic Housing land Avilability Assessment (GBC’s microsite is here)

This includes a single (large) document:

20130731_StrategicHousingLandAvailabilityAssessment (27Mb)

Both of these documents will be analysed and comments will be posted on a separate Post in due course.

The reading fest begins

Guildford Borough Council has published the first clutch of documents to form the EVIDENCE BASE for the Local Plan for Guildford Borough.

The first document is the Guildford Economic Strategy Report 2013 which sets out to highlight opportunity and threat in the local economy.  This report was presented to and adopted by the Council Executive Committee on 18th July 2013.

There is a consultation expiring on 26th July 2013 into the Methodology of assessment of Traveller Housing Sites (Traveller Strategic Housing Allocation – Consultation Draft).

There is an ABSOLUTELY KEY draft document for consultation, namely the Infrastructure Baseline.

The next two drafts to be adopted into the Local plan process are related to the hierarchy of Settlements:

Guildford Borough Settlement Hierarchy-Evidence and

Guildford Borough Settlement Profiles

Each of these documents represents the start of a long process of evaluation of evidence before the publication of the Issues and Options consultation in the autumn.