Guildford Society Hearing Statement

The Guildford Society has submitted its Hearing Statement to the Inspector’s Programme Officer ahead of the Guildford Local Plan Examination in Public which begins on 5th June.

Here is a full set of the GSoc documents:

(cover letter)

(main document)

(GSoc SANG Paper by Alderman Bridger)

(GSoc Infrastructure Topic Paper by the Transport Group)

(Correspondence requesting confirmation from GBC on which if any groups were excluded from interacting with officers at the Council)

(copy of internal email instruction to officers to not engage with the Guildford Vision Group)

(Correspondence requesting explanation from GBC about the £5m contribution agreed with the Dunsfold developers to mitigate against impact of development on Guildford)

(Guildford Borough Council response on Dunsfold showing an increase of traffic on the gyratory of circa 300 cars over the three peak hours)

(Agreed Statement of Common Ground with the Guildford Vision Group – highlighting GSoc’s support for the GVG Master Plan)

(file 9 is a large (160mB) document containing the GVG Master Plan)

Representations were limited to 5,000 words and (headings apart) the GSoc response keeps to that restriction, albeit many comments the Society would have wished to make were omitted.

This submission follows the previous responses to the earlier consultations on this draft Local Plan which can all be found on this website (referenced below):

The Guildford Society Submission
(response to the Issues and Options consultation 2013)

Guildford Society Local Plan Submission
(response to Local Plan Regulation 18 consultation 2014)

GSoc Local Plan Reg19 Consultation Submission
(response to Local Plan Regulation 19 consultation 2016)

GSoc Response to 2017 R19 Consultation
(response to Local Plan Regulation 19 consultation 2017)

Finally, here is a personal commentary written by the Chair of the Guildford Society, Julian Lyon, at the end of March, following comments by the Inspector on the submission draft local plan:




Green Belt and Housing Land Allocation

On 30th July the Council published the next suite of documents in its Evidence Base ahead of the Issues and Options Consultation in the Autumn.

Green Belt and Countryside

The first set of documents relate to the Green Belt and Countryside (GBC’s microsite is here).

The study currently consists of:

  • Summary document – overview of the study
  • Volume I – summary, introduction and background to the study
  • Volume II – Green Belt and ‘Countryside beyond the Green Belt’ within the surroundings of the urban areas at Guildford, Ash and Tongham
  • Volume III – Green Belt surrounding villages across the borough
  • Volume IV – insetting of villages from the Green Belt.

At publication, the documents under this section are:

Summary document

Volume I plus Appendix I and II

Volume II plus Appendix IV

Volume II Appendix III

Volume III plus Appendix V, VII

Volume III Appendix VI

Volume IV plus Appendix VIII


To help you to easily find summary information, there are two separate maps which show:

Strategic Housing Land Allocation

The second and VITAL document released on 31st July was the Strategic Housing land Avilability Assessment (GBC’s microsite is here)

This includes a single (large) document:

20130731_StrategicHousingLandAvailabilityAssessment (27Mb)

Both of these documents will be analysed and comments will be posted on a separate Post in due course.