The reading fest begins

Guildford Borough Council has published the first clutch of documents to form the EVIDENCE BASE for the Local Plan for Guildford Borough.

The first document is the Guildford Economic Strategy Report 2013 which sets out to highlight opportunity and threat in the local economy.  This report was presented to and adopted by the Council Executive Committee on 18th July 2013.

There is a consultation expiring on 26th July 2013 into the Methodology of assessment of Traveller Housing Sites (Traveller Strategic Housing Allocation – Consultation Draft).

There is an ABSOLUTELY KEY draft document for consultation, namely the Infrastructure Baseline.

The next two drafts to be adopted into the Local plan process are related to the hierarchy of Settlements:

Guildford Borough Settlement Hierarchy-Evidence and

Guildford Borough Settlement Profiles

Each of these documents represents the start of a long process of evaluation of evidence before the publication of the Issues and Options consultation in the autumn.

The beginning of a long journey

This blog site will be used to track and comment on the Local Plan process for Guildford.  It is not intended to be comprehensive but simply aims to provide an opportunity for people of Guildford to access key documents and monitor progress.

The site is NOT a substitute for visiting the Guildford Borough Council website (